Hi All!

My name is Larry and I’ve been fascinated with Table Top Role Playing Games for 30 plus years.

Or at least that’s the best guess this old brain can muster at the moment. It all started back in the early 80s with D&D and from there I fell down a lovely rabbit hole.

Gurps, Gamma World, World of Darkness, Palladium, etc… If it’s out there I have probably played it, wanted to play it, or looked at the book and wondered how it is?

These days I find myself leading bands of merry adventurers along the often dark and grim paths that fate takes them. I wanted to share my sometimes strange and sometimes off-the-wall thoughts, adventures and creations with you.

Please feel free to reach out and contact me!

Crystal aka “Killer” – is my assistant and protector of the realms herein.

Honing her craft in the ttrpg space, she has recently undertaken being a Game Master for a group of daring young adventures.

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